Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ask Linda #1169-Unmarked hazard

Linda, my club recently held the club championship. I asked about an empty pond, how it was being played since there's no water in it & it wasn't lined or staked as a hazard. They said to use the mow line as the start of the lateral hazard. Is this correct? I thought lateral hazards had to be marked in some way, red stakes or lines. Thanks.
Lou from Pennsylvania

Dear Lou,

A hazard is a hazard, as long as it meets the Definition of Water Hazard or Lateral Water Hazard in the rulebook. Whether or not it has water or is properly marked does not change its status. It is unfortunate when the golf course or the Committee fails to mark one or more hazards. Nevertheless, the absence of lines or stakes does not absolve the player of the responsibility to recognize the hazard as such and play it accordingly. If the course has informed you that the cut line (the “line” where the mowed grass meets the longer grasses of the hazard) is the margin of the hazard, you must use that “line” to determine whether your ball is in the hazard and where to take relief.

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