Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ask Linda #812- Stroke and distance or provisional?

Hi Linda,

Playing in a match, my opponent his tee shot on a par 3 into the jungle about 15 yards away. I spotted where it had gone and told him I knew where it was. He then hit a second ball, which landed a yard from the flag. He did not declare his second shot a provisional. We walked to where his original ball was and he accepted the ball was his, but he said he wasn't interested, as he would play the second ball. 

I said that as I had found it, he had to play it or declare it unplayable. He refused, saying he had not declared his second ball a provisional and was entitled to play his second ball.

Was he correct?
Lou from Wales 

Dear Lou,

He was correct, Lou. A ball is not “provisional” if the player has not specifically made an announcement to that effect [Rule 27-2a]. Whenever a player hits another ball without declaring it to be provisional, the second ball is automatically in play under stroke and distance [Rule 27-1] and the original is “lost” [Definition of “Lost Ball”].

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