Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ask Linda #805-Stand behind player putting

During a match play today I was told it is a penalty to stand behind a fellow competitor as they are putting. Thank you for your advice
Lulu from the UK

Dear Lulu,

It is not a penalty, Lulu, but it is poor etiquette. When another player is putting, you should not stand behind the hole or behind the ball (i.e., to the right of a right-handed player). You should also take care not to cast your shadow over the hole or the player’s line of putt.

If another player is distracted by where you are standing, there is nothing to stop her from asking you to move (I do it all the time). 

Whenever a player makes an unusual rules statement, ask her (politely) to show it to you in the rulebook. If she is correct, you will learn a new rule; if she is mistaken, the lesson will be hers.

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