Monday, March 3, 2014

Ask Linda #803-Re-tee unplayable ball


Help - we understand the rules with un-playable lies, but not this. 

A player declares unplayable and returns to the spot where the ball was last struck. In this case, it is the tee shot. Player re-tees ball and puts ball in play, now laying 3. The question is, can that player re-tee the ball? Or is it drop or place on the tee box?

Many thanks – Lou from Montevideo, Uruguay

Dear Lou,

Whenever a player returns to the teeing ground to hit another shot, he may re-tee the ball [Rule 20-5a]. This is true whether he chooses to return (e.g., unplayable ball) or is required to return (e.g., lost ball, ball out of bounds).

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