Monday, July 15, 2013

Ask Linda #689-Sand on green

Linda, I played with friends and we were uncertain as to what to do with the sand that was on the green between my ball and the cup. It was only a distance of a couple of feet, but the sand was pretty thick. Can you remove the sand by brushing it away?
Lulu from Utah

Dear Lulu,

You may brush sand out of your line on the putting green. Sand is a loose impediment when it is on the green [Definition of Loose Impediments].

However, sand is not a loose impediment when it is not on the putting green. If you brush away sand anywhere but on the green you will incur a two-stroke/loss of hole penalty [Rule 23-1].

Should your ball come to rest near a hazard, and another player’s shot from the hazard deposits sand on your ball, you are permitted to remove that sand. You are always entitled to the lie your shot gave you.

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