Monday, May 2, 2011

Ask Linda #295-Wind blows ball into hole

Hi Linda,
What happens if you replace your ball on the green, remove your marker, step away to look at your line, and then the wind blows your ball into the hole?

Dear Lulu,

Rejoice in your good luck. Your ball is holed. If you were lying 4 on the green, then your score for the hole is 4.

The wind will not always bring good luck to players. If the wind blows your ball further from the hole, you will now have a longer putt.

Whenever your ball is moved by wind or water, you must play it from its new position. That’s because neither wind nor water is considered to be an “outside agency” [Definition of Outside Agency]. If you move your ball back to its original spot, you will incur a one-stroke penalty for moving your ball in play under Rule 18-2a.

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