Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ask Linda #294a-Practice swing moves ball on tee

As I understand it, a ball is not "in play" until it has been hit from the tee - therefore a practice swing hitting the ball on the tee incurs no penalty or stroke count. This is the convention I'm familiar with but it would be good to hear it confirmed.
Lou Lou

Dear Lou Lou,

That is absolutely correct, Lou. A ball is not in play until it has been intentionally hit from the teeing ground. If a practice swing should accidentally move the ball before you have teed off, or a waggle during your set-up knocks the ball off the tee, simply re-tee and start again. No penalty; no stroke count. Once your ball is in play, if a practice swing moves the ball you will count one penalty stroke for moving your ball in play and you will have to replace the moved ball before hitting your next shot (see Ask Linda #294-Practice swing moves ball).

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