Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ask Linda #290b –Another question about #290

Hi Linda,
 Thank you for your response. I didn't read the small print right.
I actually meant rule 20-2c(iii) - pertaining to a ball rolling on green and stopping there.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I appreciate your hard work managing your very helpful site.
Best Regards,

Dear Lu,

Rule 20-2c(iii) states that a player is required to re-drop if his ball “rolls onto and comes to rest on a putting green.”

Here is an example of when this rule would be in effect:

Your ball is lying in casual water near the green. You find the nearest point of relief that is not on the putting green, and drop your ball within one club-length of that spot [Rule 25-1b(i)]. Your ball rolls onto the green. This is where 20-2c(iii) comes into play. You are required to re-drop your ball. If it again rolls onto the green, you will now place it where it hit the ground on your second drop.

In Ask Linda #290, the two-club-length relief from the lateral hazard was on the putting green. This is not a case where the player was required to drop off the green and the ball subsequently rolled onto the green. In this situation, the player was entitled to drop on the green.

Lou, I suspected you meant to question the relevance of (iii) rather than (ii). I decided to answer it as written because I felt it was a good opportunity to explain (ii).

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