Friday, April 15, 2011

Ask Linda #290a-Question about #290

With regard to Ask Linda #290-Relief from hazard on green?

What about rule 20-2c(ii)?

Wouldn't it apply in this case?

Lou Lou

Dear Lou Lou,

No. Rule 20-2c(ii) states that you must re-drop your ball if it “rolls out of and comes to rest outside a hazard.” It is talking about a situation where you are required to drop in the hazard (e.g., taking relief from casual water in a bunker). In that case, if you drop in the hazard and the ball rolls out of the hazard, you must re-drop.

In Ask Linda #290, the player is not dropping his ball in the hazard. He is dropping outside the hazard within two club-lengths and no closer to the hole. In this situation, if he drops his ball within the correct area outside the hazard (which happens to be on the putting green) and it rolls back into the hazard, he is required to re-drop [Rule 20-2c(i)].

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