Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ask Linda #341a-Further discussion of #341

Hi Linda - I always read your messages with great interest. Re Ask Linda #341-Failure to replace marker on green, I fully understand and agree. However, I interpret the question submitted differently. I understand that the player marked his ball and just placed it on the green at a different spot. If he then plays that ball (which is no longer in play) he would be playing a wrong ball and would have to correct. Do you agree? Best regards,

Dear Lulu–

You are correct in your understanding. A ball that is lifted is out of play. If that ball is not replaced in the correct spot, then the player has played a wrong ball [Definition of Wrong Ball]. In match play, he loses the hole. In stroke play, he incurs a two-stroke penalty and must correct the error before teeing off at the next hole. Failure to correct would result in disqualification [Decision 15/4].

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