Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ask Linda #337-Offering to move your marker

Hi Linda,
I golf each week with a large group of girls. Recently a few questions have come up with regard to marking or already marked balls on the green. Not how to do it, but moving balls or markers in another player's putting line. There is some debate as to what is OK to say to another player without incurring a penalty.
The confusion seems to be if it is OK to say to another player who is putting: "Do you want me to move my marker?" or "Is my marker in your way?" or "Does my marker bother you?"
Is this a penalty situation? Also, how about in team play vs. individual stroke play? Is there a rule against this?
Thank you. Your answer will clear up a lot of confusion!

Dear Lulu,

There is no rule against asking a player if she would like you to move your marker on the green. It is a common question and a courtesy. It may also help with the pace of play if you can mark your ball and move your marker without a return trip.

If another player objects to your asking that question, then simply mark your ball and await any further instruction to move your marker.

There is no penalty for being courteous in any form of match or stroke play.

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