Monday, January 17, 2011

Ask Linda #273-Removing part of loose impediment

Hi Linda,
Recently I found my ball near a fallen branch. I found that the total branch was too heavy too move but in attempting to move it I was able to break parts of it up such that my stance would be improved. I found myself confused if this was allowable under my right to move a loose impediment but possibly not as I was not moving the whole impediment and was therefore possibly creating my own stance. Would there be any difference between attempting to move the branch, failing but improving my stance as a result vs. simply breaking up the branch until it suited what I wanted as a stance?
What are your thoughts?

Dear Lulu,

A branch that has fallen from a tree is a loose impediment. If it interferes with your stance or swing, you are permitted to break off any parts that are in your way. Not everyone has the advantage of a large entourage of fans eager to move “loose” boulders or weighty branches that may lie in your path. There is no difference between moving the entire branch and breaking off the interfering parts–both actions are allowed [Decision 23-1/4].

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