Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ask Linda #259a-Conceding a putt, follow-up

Hi again Linda. I have studied your response, and I wonder if you would be kind enough to give me a further opinion. Yes I agree we should have voiced an objection at the time. Alas we did not do so out of ignorance. My partner and I are new golfers, and were unaware of the rules when applied to a unilateral concession of a putt. Do you think there are grounds for a post match objection on the basis that the opposing player (a very experienced 6 Handicap) infringed the rules by attempting to invalidate a conceded putt and getting away with it, knowing full well that it was not allowed?
Thank you so much for your earliest convenient reply.
Lou Lou

Dear Lou Lou,

You and your partner lost the option to file a claim as soon as any player in the match teed off on the next hole. A Committee will not consider a later claim unless the facts were previously unknown to you and you had been given wrong information by your opponent.

Don’t assume that just because your opponent was an experienced golfer with a single digit handicap that he was actually aware he was breaking the rules by withdrawing the concession. A good working knowledge of the rules is often more a matter of attention and interest than experience. If he did indeed know that he was not permitted to withdraw his partner’s concession, then he is violating the spirit and integrity of the game.

Knowing the rules can save strokes during your round, and can even help you win a match (as you have ruefully discovered). All golfers, both new and experienced, should take some time to study and learn the rules. You will find it to be time well spent.

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