Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ask Linda #257-Object indicates line of play

Hi Linda,
We have not corresponded in a while but I always look forward to your rules posts. Hope everything is well with you and your family.
An interesting situation occurred this weekend concerning an "object indicting line of play". As I was preparing to place my tee in the ground I notice that someone from a previous group had left their tee in the ground. I mentioned to my playing partner that I was going to use it as an alignment aid so I teed my ball a few feet behind it on a line that I intended my ball to take. My playing partner said that he was unsure if that was permissible and referred to Rule 8 - "Advice; Indicating Line of Play". I told him that is my understanding that an object cannot be "placed" to indicate the line (8-2a). However, there is no rule against using an object that is already there. The same would hold true if there was a leaf or a twig or anything else that was already there when you go to the teeing ground and you lined up with that object (or if you used a house or a tree in the distance to line up with).
What do you think? Am I OK?
Lou Lou from Atlanta

Dear Lou Lou,

Always nice to hear from you, Lou. And I have good news for you. You are OK. You may use anything that is already there to help you line up your shot – leaves, twigs, trees, houses, abandoned tees, etc. Additionally, you are permitted to place a mark to indicate your line of play as long as you pick it up before you hit the ball.

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