Friday, March 30, 2012

Ask Linda #439-Drop on green from bunker?

Hello Linda,
You state in Ask Linda #385 that there are 2 situations where after taking a stroke penalty you can, if lucky enough, drop your ball on the green:
1) lateral water hazard
2) unplayable ball (provided it is not in a bunker )
Is it not possible that your ball could be dropped onto the green if:
1) you seek relief from an immovable obstruction if your ball lies in a bunker
2) abnormal ground conditions if your ball lies in a bunker
In both these situations a penalty stroke is involved.

Dear Lou,

Nice try, Lou, but the answer is no. When you take relief from an immovable obstruction or an abnormal ground condition in a bunker, and you choose the one-stroke-penalty option of taking the ball out of the bunker, the ball must be dropped behind the bunker. Picture a line that starts at the hole, passes through where your ball lay in the bunker, and goes straight back to infinity. You may drop anywhere on that line, behind the bunker [Rule 24-2b(ii)(b)].

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