Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ask Linda #236-Recording scores

Greetings Linda,

I have a question about how to record scores on the score card. Is there any rule or decision concerning how to record one’s score on a score card? I play with a group who like to record the number of strokes over/under par on their card. For example: a birdie would be -1 and a bogey +1, etc. They say it makes it easier to total the score card at the end of the round because they have smaller numbers to add to get the over/under par total. I thought I once read a score must be recorded as the number of strokes taken for the particular hole. Granted we're only playing for fun, but it would be nice to know for future reference.

Thank you,

"Lou Lou"

Dear Lou Lou,

When a golfer is competing in a tournament, he is responsible for recording the correct score for each hole on his score card. That number would represent the total number of strokes per hole. The Committee is responsible to add those scores, and they must be written in the traditional way: 5 for a bogey on a par 4, not +1.

When a golfer is playing a casual round, it is his responsibility to post his ESC score (total score minus deductions for Equitable Stroke Control) at the end of the round. As long as he comes up with the correct total, he is at liberty to choose his own system for recording scores.


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