Monday, July 26, 2010

Ask Linda #224-Casual water in bunker


My ball was in casual water, inside a bunker. The only relief available inside the bunker was nearer the hole. What are my options?

Thank you, Lou Lou

Dear Lou Lou,

When there is no place in the bunker that you can drop the ball that is not nearer the hole, your only option is to drop outside the bunker and add a penalty stroke to your score. You may go as far back as you would like, dropping behind the bunker on a line that starts at the hole, passes through where your ball lay in the bunker, and extends back to infinity [Rule 25-1b(ii)].

The rule that requires that you take complete relief from abnormal ground conditions (casual water is considered to be “abnormal”) is relaxed somewhat for a ball in a bunker. If you can find a spot to drop in a bunker that is no closer to the hole where the water is shallower than where your ball lies, you may do so.

If you are playing in a tournament where some of the bunkers are flooded, the Committee may establish a Local Rule that allows players to drop outside those specific bunkers with no penalty [Decision 33-8/27].


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