Friday, July 16, 2010

Ask Linda #221-Ball hits another player’s club

Dear Linda,

You are playing in a tournament. You and another person in your foursome are off the green on an elevated green and chipping up to the green. The other person is higher on the hill and has taken her putter along and laid it on the ground. You miss-hit your ball and it hits her putter. What are the consequences?


Dear Lulu,

There are no consequences in stroke play or match play.

In stroke play, you must play the ball as it lies [Rule 19-4]. (Incidentally, this accidental deflection is known as a “rub of the green.”)

In match play, you have two options. You may cancel the stroke and play a ball from where you hit that last shot, or you may play the ball as it lies [Rule 19-3].

There is no penalty for hitting another player’s equipment.

However, if that putter belongs to you or your partner, then you would incur a penalty stroke and you would have to play the ball as it lies [Rule 19-2].


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