Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ask Linda #215-Postponing a competition

Hi there,

I wonder if you can answer this question for me please?

My golf club was due to run a 2 consecutive day competition but because it was raining quite heavily on the second day it was postponed! However, the course was not closed but a decision was made by those there to postpone the game. Can they do this when the course was not closed?


Dear Lulu,

Yes. If the Committee in charge of the competition feels that the course is not in good, playable condition, it has the authority to cancel and postpone a round.

The priorities of a course official in deciding whether the course should be closed and a Committee member in deciding whether conditions are suitable for competition are not necessarily the same.

If the course is closed, obviously the competition must be canceled. But simply because the course is open does not obligate a Committee to insist that a competition be played under conditions that they feel are unsuitable.


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