Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ask Linda #307-Ball hits equipment

Linda, I read in the rule book that if playing match play an opponent’s chip shot hits your club or other piece of your equipment, he is allowed to play the shot over.

The situation that happened today was that in stroke play a player chipped the ball and skulled it and it hit another golfer’s club which was off the green.  I made a ruling that he did not get to hit the shot over but had to play it where it ended up.  Is this correct?
Lou Lou

Dear Lou Lou,

Your ruling was correct.

In stroke play, if your ball hits another player’s equipment, you must play your ball as it lies. This is known as a “rub of the green” [Rules 19-4 and 19-1].

In match play, you have two choices: (1) play the ball as it lies, or (2) cancel the stroke and replay it [Rule 19-3].

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