Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ask Linda #413-Moving a tee marker

Hi Linda,
We have a question about the markers on tee boxes.  The markers at our club are kind of small, log-shaped wooden pieces that outline the two sides of the tee box.  We have a number of tees where the fairway is not directly in front of the tee box, but at an angle to the left or the right of the tee.  Visually, I often find that the direction the tee marker is pointing, psychologically affects either the way I line up my drive, or even my swing itself.  I would find it easier if I were able to 'push' the log marker a little bit to the left or right, in order to point toward the fairway, rather than the rough which is directly in front of the tee box.  Am I allowed to do this, or must the marker always be pointing straight ahead?
Thanks and regards,

Dear Lulu,

The markers do not always have to point straight ahead, but you cannot be the one to move them. If you realign them because you are unhappy with the direction in which they are pointing, you will be disqualified [Decision 11-2/2, b]. Should you unwittingly move the markers and someone points out that you are not permitted to do so, you can avoid disqualification by putting them back before you hit your tee shot. In that case, the penalty would be reduced to two strokes (loss of hole in match play).

This is an issue you need to bring up with the course superintendent.  It’s an easy problem to fix, and I can’t imagine why he would be unwilling to do so.

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