Friday, August 6, 2010

Ask Linda #227-Touching sand, ball outside bunker

Afternoon Linda,

I've recently discovered your "Ask Linda" blog and have become a fan. I'm still picking my way through 2008 but have already found some very useful information and a couple of answers to some situations our golf group has encountered.

I do have a question concerning post #59 - Bunker Rules from May 5, 2008. In the post you indicated "1. If you have to stand in a bunker to hit a ball that lies outside the bunker, you are allowed to touch the sand on your backswing." My question is: can a player ground his club in the bunker if his ball lies outside the bunker or would that still incur a penalty? Our group was having an informal discussion about this and we're split - two say no grounding and two say if you can touch the sand on the backswing you should be able to ground the club.

Thank you for your time and great posts!

Lou Lou

Dear Lou Lou,

Welcome aboard, Lou!

There is a Decision that addresses your exact question [13-4/1]. If your ball is outside the bunker, you are free to stand in the bunker and ground your club in the sand. However, please remember that you are only permitted to ground your club “lightly” [Rule 13-2], and don’t forget to tidy up the bunker after your shot.

Rules against touching the sand are only in effect if your ball lies in the bunker.


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