Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ask Linda #180-Water hazard review

Hello Linda, don't complain about the snow--I just returned from Minnesota...could you review the rules for a ball hit into a water hazard? Also cite what happens when a ball is hit over a water hazard but hits the far bank and rolls back into the hazard. Thank you, Lou Lou

Dear Lou Lou,

You are not alone in your quest to understand how to proceed when your ball lies in a water hazard. Indeed, I have written more than 15 columns over the past three years answering hazard-related questions.

In April, 2008 I penned an entry entitled: “Rules #4–Relief Options, Part III: Water Hazards.” This column will give you a solid review of all the water hazard basics. At the end of that article, under “Interesting Situations,” example #7 discusses a ball that crosses a water hazard and rolls back in.

Here is how to access that column:

1. Visit my blog (

2. On the right side, under “Blog Archive,” click on the arrowhead to the left of “2008.”

3. Click on the arrowhead to the left of “April.”

4. Click on “Rules #4–Relief Options, Part III: Water Hazards,” which was my first article that month and therefore appears at the bottom of the April entries.

If you are interested in reading about specific hazard-related situations, here is a list of my water hazard columns:

January, 2008

#1–Water hazards

#12– Relief from water hazards

#28–Relief from lateral hazard

April, 2008

#51–Leaf on ball in hazard

#53–ID ball in hazard

#55– Lateral hazard not marked

May, 2008

#62–Trouble in water hazard

June, 2008

#71 and 72–Red- and yellow-staked hazards

October, 2008

#93–Is the ball in the hazard or lost?

January, 2009

#99– Ball on bridge in hazard

#100–Dropping on opposite side of lateral hazard

April, 2009

#110–Relief from bridge over hazard

May, 2009

#118–Hazard marked with red and yellow stakes

December, 2009

#175–No free relief from hazard

If you encounter a situation not covered by any of the above columns, Lou, drop me a line and I’ll give you a hand.


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